Food and drinks - Oslo Sommerpark

Food and drinks

Check out the Vaffelbod

Vaffelboden is open every day during climbing hours and If you want to bring your own picnicbag, you are welcome to do that as well. 

"Vaffelboden" is where waffels are made with high efficiency and lots of love. We also serve small meals, snacks and refreshments. Our selection is simple, but tasty. The Vaffelbod is placed by the chairlift and entrance to the Climbing. It is open all summer during park opening hours. 

Stop by for a good cup of coffee and something tasty to eat during your tree topp break!

You are very welcome to bring a picnic to the Summerpark. We have several barbecue spots in the Climbing Park. You even find two nice fire huts down in the Climbing Park. Bring your own charcoal or buy it at the Vaffelbod. The Lavvos are also accesible, if not rented out.

Kiosk in the Top Centre
The shop in the Top Centre will this year have a small kiosk section where you can buy simple things like drinks and icecreams. 

Come on in!